Bucket List for Summer Fun

What’s so great about long summer days? You have lots of time to have outdoor fun with your child. In the winter, it starts to get cold and dark by 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Now you can keep on playing; even in the evening it’s warm enough to be out and about in your flip-flops! Have you done all the things on your summer bucket list yet? We want to help you. Here are 7 super fun activities you can do with your child. Don’t miss out!


#1 Bare-Foot Path This is an ideal summer activity! Frolic in the mud in your bare feet, teeter across a rope bridge and climb and play amongst tree stumps and trunks. What child doesn’t love that? Have fun in nature and feel the mud squishing between your toes. Look up “blotevoetenpad” (bare-foot path) or “belevingspad” (adventure path) to find a route close to you.

#2 Building Huts Let your child build a hut and listen to the stories they make up alongside. All you need is some old cloths, sticks (or tree branches), clothespins (or better yet gluing clamps—they’re much stronger), and you’re ready to begin. Okay, maybe you’ll be needed every now and then for a little building advice, but you’ll be able to relax with your book for an afternoon—maybe even finish it! Will you look up to discover a castle garden? Or will the tree become an army lookout post? All you can do is hope they won’t take you for an enemy pirate!

#3 Natural Playground What do kids love? Any kind of playground with a water pump, a treehouse or a mud kitchen. While your child is having fun, you can watch their progress or finally relax with your favourite magazine. Every region has at least one natural playground. Admission is often free and sometimes you can participate in special nature activities during vacation times.

#4 Backyard Camping Turn your garden into a campsite. It’s simple, free and an exciting adventure for your kids—and you! Of course you’ll be there with them, enjoying an extra night of vacation. Build a campfire (in your barbeque or fire basket) and roast some marshmallows. Fall asleep outdoors and don’t wake up until the neighbours have to leave for work the next morning!

#5 Geocaching Geocaching is the ultimate excuse to get to take your child hiking. Use your phone or GPS to find the hidden cache. This will get you out of the house! Together with your child, you can search for coordinates—it may not be the fastest way to find what you’re looking for, but it is certainly the most exciting. Various types of geocache-apps are available, some even for free.

#6 Aerial Adventure Park Do your kids have more energy than they know what to do with? Do they love adventure? Then a climbing forest is the ideal outing for you! Adventure and fun are guaranteed—you’ll climb, rappel, run across rope bridges, and maybe even free-fall from a tree. Many of these parks are age-restricted or actually have a junior parcours, so be sure to check ahead of time what will work for your family or group. Admission prices also vary per park.

#7 Picnic on the Beach Many recreation parks are busy during the day, but start to empty out towards the end of the afternoon. While most people are heading home, you can start your fun. Do you know that feeling? Even if you’ve had a long day at work, you can still have an enjoyable day with your family. Make a simple but yummy salad and then sit back—enjoy the beach, the summer, and each other. Let the fun begin!