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Bucket List for Summer Fun news

What’s so great about long summer days? You have lots of time to have outdoor fun with your child...

Children grow from love news

When you are pregnant, you are swamped with must-have baby wipes, stomach lotions and baby food processors. All well and good, but how do you ensure your child is well prepared for the big world in twenty or so years?

Joining your child in the treehouse news

As a parent, you are amazed to see your child learning to read within a few months in group 3. That a child is able to master the principles of something so magnificent in six months!

Getting to know the baby group news

“So there I was. Outside. All alone. Tears in my eyes. And my sweet baby in the arms of a stranger…”

With other children of their own age at the table, children are more daring nieuws

A grimace when tasting spinach, or a look of surprise at a soft and sweet carrot – the first bites are often material for funny pictures.

"can you see me on screen?" news

32 children from various after-school care facilities in Leiden attend the Smallsteps vlog workshop this summer. The young vloggers are 8 to 11 years old.