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"can you see me on screen?" news

32 children from various after-school care facilities in Leiden attend the Smallsteps vlog workshop this summer. The young vloggers are 8 to 11 years old.

Language development: 6 questions answered news

Children learn language 24/7, especially in a ‘rich linguistic environment’ – but what does that mean? And are there ways to stimulate your child’s language development at home? Here are 6 questions about language development answered.

The perfect compliment nieuws

We all give compliments to our children, every single day and for various reasons. Because they are happily eating their food, are playing nicely with their sister, or got dressed all on their own.

Childcare Checklist nieuws

When you enter a childcare centre for the first time and are faced with the decision of whether this is the place to entrust your child to, you are bound to have a lot of questions.

Going on a flavour safari together nieuws

Research has shown that 79% of toddlers have an insufficient vegetable intake. That their first 1000 days of life are crucial to the development of their sense of taste. And that sometimes children need to taste a new flavour up to ten or fifteen times before they start to enjoy it.