Why choose Smallsteps

6 reasons why 30.000 families have chosen Smallsteps childcare


Loving attention for your child

Your child gets a hug from one of our kind employees. “You like that, don’t you? I can tell!” This kind of personal attention is very important to the cognitive development of babies and toddlers. Your child will feel right at home at Smallsteps and make lots of new friends. “Do you want to play with us?” Children learn about feelings and how to handle them while they play. Useful skills for later!


The best support in a fixed group

Your child will be in a fixed group, see familiar staff faces and will be given plenty of room to explore. While playing, they will discover who they are and what they can do. Making mistakes is okay; these are just opportunities to learn. Our pedagogical staff observes, stimulates and challenges the children. “Go on, try it!” We ensure that your child is off to a good start and will be ready to enter the world with confidence.


Playing together and exercising

We exercise and play every single day. This allows children to discover their interests and helps them grow into healthy, self-aware, social people. We go outside come rain or shine; we venture out into our own garden, go out to pet the goats at the animal farm, and much more. Of course, there is also plenty of fun to be had indoors; sculpting, building dens, playing ‘Guess the animal’, Our employees are always bursting with ideas!


Eating healthily together

Going on so many adventures results in lots of rumbling tummies. Eating together is not only a lot of fun, children also tend to be braver when it comes to trying new flavours and textures when they are together. “If you can eat those weird strands, so can I!” The babies meanwhile repeat everything we say and thus learn the names of a lot of fruits and vegetables in a playful manner. After a fruit snack, healthy sandwich, or nice warm meal, your brave explorer will be all set for the next adventure.


Flexible childcare to suit your daily routine

Early drop off, late pick up, a day extra every now and again? No matter what your needs are, together we will find the package that suits you best. And if your plans suddenly change, you can simply request swapping a day. We offer standard packages and flexible packages. Packages differ from person to person, as well as depending on the centre and the type of childcare. Be sure to discuss your needs with the manager; together, we are sure to be able to make you an offer that feels right for you.


A wide range of activities

There are many different kinds of activities at Smallsteps, and we make sure that every day is different. This way, we continuously stimulate your child and are able to ensure that they keep discovering new things. Themes , such as the seasons, traffic or wild animals are always hot favourites. We use games, assignments, songs, and stories to aid their language development, their ability to work together, and their ability to work independently. We ensure that your child has a good foundation for starting school.